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Research report: LGBTQI experiences of seeking help and justice in the wake of sexual harm

Within Aotearoa/New Zealand’s justice system and help-providing professions, little is known or understood about LGBTQI experiences of sexual harm. In this research report, which is based on research I conducted as part of my Masters of Public Policy, I demonstrate that institutional and legal frameworks, as well as wider societal understandings of sexual violence, create […]

Misinformation Concerning Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Survivors

Description Successfully navigate the minefield of misinformation that can prevent justice from being done in child sexual abuse cases! … Google Books

Truth Project Thematic Report – Child sexual abuse in the context of children’s homes and residential care

What changes do victims and survivors suggest to improve child protection and prevent child sexual abuse in the future?

From surviving to thriving: factors associated with complete mental health among childhood sexual abuse survivors

Despite many negative health and social consequences of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), some of those with a history of adversity manage to thrive in adulthood and achieve complete mental health (CMH). CMH is defined as the absence of mental illness in combination with almost daily happiness and/or life satisfaction, as well as high levels of […]

Recipients of children’s and adolescents’ disclosures of childhood sexual abuse: A systematic review

Disclosure of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a complex, multifaceted process with many barriers that are largely shaped by individual, familial, and systemic characteristics.

A Scoping Review of the Role and Training of Para-professionals Delivering Psychological Interventions for Adults with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

The delivery of interventions for traumatic stress disorders by paraprofessionals is of interest across mental health systems as decision-makers work to meet growing need for services and demand for evidence-based care.

Violent crime against children with disabilities: A nationwide prospective birth cohort-study

The rate of violent victimization against children with disabilities is thought to be lower than the rate for children without disabilities but several studies shows otherwise.

Science Behind Peer Support

What does science say about the value of peer support? Recent research, papers and reports from the website.

The state of the science on trauma inquiry(PDF)

Research funded jointly by social service providers and philanthropic organisations. Published from Women’s Health, Volume 15: 1–17, 2019

Social Service System: The Funding Gap and How to Bridge It (PDF)

Research funded jointly by social service providers and philanthropic organisations. Download summary report (PDF)

Victims’ Voices: The Justice Needs and Experiences of New Zealand Serious Crime Victims (PDF)

Victim Support says research shows it’s time to take action and put victims at the heart of the justice system. Karen McLeay, Victim Support Acting Chief Executive, said the results of Chief Victims’ Advisor Dr Kim McGregor’s research, Strengthening the Criminal Justice System for Victims, paint a realistic picture of the justice system’s failings.

Circumcision: A controversial topic (PDF)

In response to concerns expressed within our survivor community, and to foster a more informed understanding of male circumcision as it presents in our contemporary society, MSA commissioned the attached literature review titled “Circumcision: A controversial topic.” This paper also references another discussion on the ethical considerations of circumcision titled “Genital Autonomy and Sexual Wellbeing”, […]

Data Summary: Child Sexual Abuse (PDF)

This data summary is one of six produced by the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse NZFVC in 2017. The other five data summaries are concerned with Family Violence Deaths, Violence Against Women, Children and Youth Affected by Family Violence, Adult Sexual Violence, and Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Violence – Perpetration by Gender. This […]

The Catholic Boys (Book)

“The Catholic Boys” is a new book by author Mike Ledingham detailing the profound impact of sexual abuse of Mike and two younger brothers by the same Catholic priest. The three Ledingham boys tell their stories of going from being happy, feisty kids to troubled teenagers who became angry, abusing (and self-abusing) men, with consequences […]

Taking a Gamble for High Rewards? Management Perspectives on the Value of Mental Health Peer Workers

Mental health peer work is attracting growing interest and provides a potentially impactful method of service user involvement in mental health design and delivery, contributing to mental health reform. The need to effectively support this emerging workforce is consequently increasing. This study aimed to better understand the views of management in relation to peer work […]

Using Peer Support in Developing Empowering Mental Health Services (UPSIDES): Background, Rationale and Methodology

Peers are people with lived experience of mental illness. Peer support is an established intervention in which peers offer support to others with mental illness. A large proportion of people living with severe mental illness receive no care. The care gap is largest in low- and middle-income countries, with detrimental effects on individuals and societies. […]