IPS Statement of Support

Intentional Peer Support stands with all marginalized peoples, especially those of color experiencing harm at the hands of police and those with system and institutional power. We stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow organizations who condemn and are outspoken in their fight against white supremacy in the U.S. and throughout the world.  This disregard of basic human rights is ubiquitous, malicious, and must be challenged at every turn.  The death of George Floyd – at the hands of police – is yet another graphic reminder of the systemic racism and violence that is increasingly pervasive and incompatible with basic human rights and the values we uphold.

Published in Intentional Peer Support

PS understands that white supremacy is endemic and is expressed in all of the systems that white power has been instrumental in creating. The mental health sector is one such system. IPS is committed, as an organization working primarily in mental health, to confront and eradicate systemic injustice wherever encountered.

There are many lists circulating intended to educate, stimulate and encourage. We’d like to share a couple that have come our way. We acknowledge their US-centric nature and welcome additional resources from other places in the world. We will work to incorporate them into our material.

Support BlackLivesMatter
Take Action with the NAACP
Support Protests with TESA Collective

In Solidarity,
The IPS Team

By The IPS Team
Published in Intentional Peer Support
June 2020